Wine & Chocolate Musicale Was SRO!

On October 13th, ten wonderful singers entertained a standing room only crowd in the gallery space at Panorama Framing on Grand Avenue in Oakland. In the breaks between singing, patrons enjoyed the wonderful artisanal chocolates hand-crafted at Michael Mischer Chocolates and the fine wines at Ordinaire Wine Shop and Wine Bar. Board members, singers and visitors mingled to learn about the latest JTVA news. Almost $2,000 was contributed by the audience to support the first voice competition slated for next summer on June 21, 2014. We are enormously grateful to the enthusiastic singers who volunteered their time and talents and to the wonderful pianist, Mr. Bruce John Haines, who accompanied them. A huge thank you also to our hosts, Patrick Cheatham at Panorama Framing, Michael Mischer at Michael Mischer Chocolates and Bradford Taylor at Ordinaire Wine Shop and Wine Bar.

Mark MancaoComment